The Battle of the Bulge from Dinant to Bastogne (World War 2) Private Guided Tours

  1. The Battle of the Bulge from Dinant to Bastogne (World War 2)
  2. The Battle of Verdun (World War 1)
  • Battle of The Bulge Private Guided Tours (Bastogne & Northern Shoulder)
  • Nuts ! - Bastogne Barracks
  • Celles crossroad
  • View of Foy  from Bois Jacques
  • Dragon Theet - Siegfried Line
  • Dragon Teeth - Siegfried Line
  • King Tiger II Panzer - La Gleize
  • Sherman tank - La Roche-en-Ardenne


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The Ardennes, winter '44.
Now 75 years ago, and still so present ...

A tribute to all these young men who perished fighting for the freedom we enjoy today.

#1 - Private Guided Battle Of The Bulge Day Tour from Dinant to Bastogne (WWII) -  Price: 350,00 EUR

We leave Dinant and pass by the Bayard rock where an engraved stone indicates the place where three German soldiers, driving an American Jeep and dressed in American uniforms, jumped on a mine. It is the closest point to the Meuse reached by the Germans during the Offensive of the Ardennes. 

At the Celles crossroad we will also see a tank of the 2e Panzer Division. 

We'll stop, on our way to Bastogne, at the village of Bande, were 34 young civilians were shot and dumped into the cellar of a destroyed house, on Christmas Eve 1944 (Bande Massacre).

(Tours out of Bastogne start as from here below:)

In Bastogne, we  start the tour on the McAuliffe Square (11th Armored Division "Thunderbolt" Sherman tank, "Road to Liberty" milestone and the McAuliffe Monument), drive then to
- Assenois ("pillbox" where Lt. Boggess met the 101th Airborne Division, thus breaking the encirclement of Bastogne),
- Patton Monument
- into the G-D of Luxembourg (Schumann's Eck) and back to Belgium
- Mardasson Memorial
- Monument to the Easy Company of the 101th Airborne Division
- Bois Jacques (foxholes of the Easy Company, well-known from the "Band of Brothers" series, in the Jack's Woods) 
- Foy
- Recogne (US Temporary Cemetery & German Cemetery)
- Noville (Combat Team Desobry)

- Bastogne Barracks (McAuliffe's "nuts") & Cemetery (Nurse Renée Lemaire's grave, known from the "Band of Brothers" series)
- dropping zone (ammunitions-food-medicines by parachute, gliders)
- Hemroulle (the bed sheets for Lt-Col Hanlon)
- Rolley (castle-farm)
before driving back to Dinant.

Some pictures of this tour are available on Google Photos


- This day tour starts at 09:00 out of Dinant, or 10:00 out of Bastogne

- A half day (up to 4 hours) Bastogne Battlefield tour out of Bastogne is also possible, only on an afternoon (starting 13:00). The price is than 265,00 EUR.

#2 - Private Guided Day Tour from Dinant to the Northern Shoulder of The Battle Of The Bulge (WWII) - Price: 440,00 EUR

I also offer a Long Day Tour out of Dinant into the Northern Shoulder of The Battle the Bulge.

We leave Dinant for

- La Roche en Ardenne: closing the gap / 51st Scottish "Black Watch" & 84th US Inf. Div. "Railsplitters" 
- Baraque Fraiture: Parker's Crossroad

(via St-Vith)
- Wereth: Wereth 11 Memorial
(via Losheim into Germany)
Dragon Teeth on the Siegfried Line near Hollerath
- (via Losheimergraben, back into Belgium)
- Krinkelt-Rocherath: Memorials to the 2nd 'Indian Head' I.D. & 99th 'Battle Babies' I.D.
(via Bullange, Butgenbach and Waimes)
- Baugnez Crossroad: Malmedy Massacre
- Ligneuville Massacre
(via E42)
- La Gleize: King Tiger II Panzer
- CheneuxCastle of Froidcour (view from the road) and Peiper's Pillbox
- Neufmoulin: destroyed bridge / 291st Combat Engineer Monument
- Werbomont: 82nd Airborne Division monument

Back to Dinant

Some pictures are available on Google Photos

This day tour to the Northern Shoulder is also possible out of Bastogne. In that case, the tour will start at 10:00 out of Bastogne, driving straight to Parker's Crossroad (thereby skipping La Roche en Ardenne).

Meeting Points

Out of Dinant: your hotel in Dinant, or in front of the Dinant train station

Out of Bastogne: your hotel in Bastogne, or in front of the Sherman tank on the main square (Place du Général McAuliffe).


For all those who fought for our liberty


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